Our Biological Terrain

Restoring Biological Terrain… The Way Mother Nature Intended


The Role of H- in Our Body

During food oxidation, the chemical energy in the food that we ate is converted into biochemical cellular energy. This process requires a rich supply of electrons which are carried in the form of negative hydrogen (H-).


H- is the fuel of life. Every cell in our body requires electrons to carry out its vital functions e.g. cellular respiration, temperature regulation and metabolism. H- is primary source of electrons; therefore, it is the initiator for all biochemical reactions. When our body has enough H-, our cells are rehydrated and at an anabolic state (constructive metabolism). Intracellular water (water within cell) can be regulated and the cells can live healthily.

Why are fresh, raw & organic vegetables, fruits and meats so important to our diet?


They contain H- existing in the form of hydrides, so by consuming them fresh, we get in the H- for our bodily functions.

Our bioelectric body

Each healthy cell is made up of 60~90% of water and it is like a tiny battery with a charge of 40~90 millivolts. Since our body is a bioelectric entity, among the most crucial health factors are the cell’s bioelectrical charge and its surrounding fluids.

However, due to stress, pollution and poor diets in today’s lifestyle, our cells are often bathed in an unhealthy environment – lacking in H- but full of toxins, free radicals and electro-magnetic radiation. All these factors can gravely affects the bioelectrical state of our cells and cause degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis, arthritis, cancers, diabetes, heart diseases etc.

Have you had your hydrogen today?

“No electron flows in the living organism unless it is accompanied by Hydrogen”

Albert Szent-Gyorgi,
Nobel Prize Laureate, discoverer of Vitamin C


For a healthy biological environment, do you take 2.5 ~ 3 liters of the right water everyday?

Why do we need the right water and hydrogen every day?

According to the Wetter Water® Report, only the right kind of water produces health and longevity. You may drink significant amounts of water at 73 dynes/cm, but without the micro nutrients in your body to convert the fluid to 45 dynes/cm, your body remains dehydrated at a cellular level.

This is why we need to drink not just any water, but the right kind of water.

With the right water, we enjoy:

Our bioelectric body

“Don’t over ~ medicate, Hydrate!”

F. Batmanghelidj, MD.


Optimal surface tension


Optimal zeta potential


Optimal communication among cells


Optimal nutrient absorption and toxin / waste elimination


A well-buffered body pH


Optimal cell rehydration®


On the other hand, without the right kind of water, our cells become dehydrated and begin to utilize its own tissue for energy production and this may lead to degenerative and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Hydrogen, on the other hand, is the “fuel of life” – by being the most powerful antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient. With an abundance of Negative Hydrogen, H-, we enjoy:


Optimal energy production, with the conversion of chemical energy to biochemical cellular energy during food oxidation.


A prime source of electron supply for all vital cell functions


Rehydration of our cells to an anabolic state

Overall, we need the right water and Hydrogen to maintain a healthy biological terrain. A healthy cell is made up of 60~90% of water and its bioelectrical charges and surrounding fluids are crucial health factors because our body is a bioelectric entity.

However, our hectic modern lifestyle with the accompanying stress, pollution and poor diets, have resulted in an unhealthy internal environment that surrounds our cells – lacking in H- but full of toxins, free radicals and electro-magnetic radiation, affecting the bioelectrical state of our cells to cause those degenerative diseases.

The Solution for a Young Biological Terrain                      

Daily supplement with Crystal Energy® and Mega H®. This is truly the secret of health, youth and longevity. They work hand-in-hand at the level of your inner Terrain to:


Energize water transport and water availability


Supply much-needed electrons


Promote interexchange of conductive electroyles and minerals


Enhance biological, cellular and metabolic functions to slow-down aging.