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Networking Your Way to Success – The Flantech Way
Networking marketing is first and foremost a people’s business. It required people to confront their fear of approaching others and it carries the risk of rejection. But undeniably, it opens the doors for tremendous opportunities and life advancements.
Successful networkers are often rewarded for helping others to succeed. They are the farmers who spend times sowing and nourishing their relationships. They invest worthwhile effort, time and money to mould and energize their network. As they always prioritize on other’s interest, it is enjoyable and invigorating across their entire network. They know working Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.). The success of the network in turn brings these farmers the real fruition.


The Wellness Trend


Wellness – it is all about healthy people demanding products and services to make them even healthier as they seek to preserve what they hold dearest: their youth. One key force behind the growth of the wellness industry is the baby boomers, an increasingly health-literate population, who are reaching their most productive years. They have disposable income, high health purchasing power and, as they age disposable time to enjoy wellness products services and lifestyle activities. Within the baby boomer population, it is the increasing number of female facing menopause who drives the expanding market of women’s health and wellness supplies.
The baby boomer generation is the First Wellness Generation; this group is behaving differently that any prior generation. Boomers are refusing to passively accept the aging process.
The goods and services that make up this expanded industry the fitness market, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, voluntary pharmacy (such as Viagra for impotence, Rogaine for hair growth) and nutritional supplements.
Health has become an active added value. From this perspective increasing the helath literacy of wellness consumers by providing access to information on wellness-based products and services lays the foundation for some of the greatest business opportunities for the foreseeable future. There is a giant, contemporary demand for wellness solutions. Baby boomers realize that they can have proactive control on their health and longevity.
Flantech too is industry-driven, this positions the company right at the forefront of a trend that is gathering continuous momentum and will continue to do so for decades. This kind of distinct positioning, supported by patented technology, and consumable, safe, effective, high demand products backed up scientifically, gives Flantech – and you – the perfect basis for a profitable home-based business well into the future.


The wellness business is proactive-people voluntarily become customers. In the Wellness Industry, products and services are provided proactively to healthy people (those without an existing disease) to make them feel even healthier, look better, slow down the effects of aging or to prevent diseases from developing in the first place. A wellness-oriented individual experience a sense of distinction, specialness and closeness to God.
THE NEXT TRILLION – Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist