The Story of Hunza Water

Dr Patrick Flanagan, M.D., PhD, whose technology forms the backbone of Flantech, has over 300 inventions to his name. He was honored as the “1997 Scientist of The Year” by the US’ International Association for New Science. This recognition was for his work on Microcluster® Technology and for his revolutionary Mega H® supplement.

The Futuristic Inventor



At the age of 11

He invented and sold to Pentagon a missile detector which could track and record missile launches worldwide



At the age of 14

He invented a device known as the Neurophone® that enabled deaf people to hear and subsequently received two patents for it



At the age of 17

He was recognized by LIFE MAGAZINE as one of the 100 most important young men and women in the United States.



Hunza Water ~ the Secret of Longevity

In 1963, Dr Patrick Flanagan was a consultant for the United States’ Pentagon when he met the Father of Fluid Dynamics, Dr Henry Coanda.

“Water is the most important thing you put in your body, but not all water is equal”, said the legendary Romanian scientist as he told Dr Flanagan about his quest for the Fountain of Youth for the past 60 years.




A young Patrick Flanagan (17 years old) and Dr. Coanda (78 years old) discussed the secrets to the Junza’s longevity in June, 1963

He had been studying the five mountainous regions in the world where people commonly lived healthy and productive life for over 100 years, and discovered that while their diets were different, the one thing they had in common was the type of water they consumed.

One such region was Hunza land in North Pakistan, where the water contained certain silicate minerals that originate from the surrounding glacial mountains and the people drink the glacial water containing all those minerals.

Taking over the research, Dr Flanagan discovered that these minerals gave the Hunza water anomalous properties such as a lower surface tension and lower freezing point. Other qualities include a high zeta potential, natural colloids, minerals and unique tiny silica.

The Hunza water is substantially similar to the water surrounding our cells, resulting in better cellular hydration and nutrient absorption for the people who consume it.


At the Forefront of Flanagan Microcluster® - Crystal Energy®

Dr Flanagan duplicated the properties of the Hunza water, developing the colloidal silica mineral known as the Flanagan Microcluster®. It is plant-based, food grade silica mineral identical to the 241st form of silica discovered in the Hunza water, boasting a miniscule size of only a few angstroms wide.

Crystal Energy®, the Flanagan Microcluster® concentrate soon followed. It reproduces the Hunza water properties in our drinking water with powerful tiny mineral clusters, reducing its surface tension and increasing its zeta potential – transforming our drinking water into biological water i.e. Wetter Water®. It is the right kind of water for our body cells, providing the optimum hydration and nutrient absorption that regular drinking water cannot give.


Negatively-charged Hydrogen H- - the Universal Life Force

With the success of Crystal Energy®, Dr Flanagan was reading the works of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi when the latter’s findings on Hydrogen prompted him to study the Hunza water once again.

Szent-Gyorgyi, a 1973 Nobel Prize Laureate for metabolic chemistry, said that hydrogen is responsible for the synthesis of ATP (the source of cellular energy) and the carriage of electrons needed for all chemical reactions.

In fact, Szent-Gyorgyi, who also discovered Vitamin C, hailed Hydrogen as the “Fuel of Life”.


Flanagan Microcluster®


Negative Hydrogen Ion

Dr Flanagan studied the Hunza water again and true enough, discovered a rich quantity of Negative Hydrogen ions, H-. He realized that the Hunza water owed much of its life-giving properties to the silicate minerals that carried the H- and thus developed a technique to use the Microcluster® minerals in Crystal Energy® to store these Negative Hydrogen ions.

By embedding and stabilizing great quantities of H- in the spheres of the Microcluster®, Dr Flanagan succeeded in developing silica hydride, which is the main active ingredient in Mega H®, the powerful antioxidant supplement that provides our bodies with the negative hydrogen ions.