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Healing Crisis

Healing Crisis is the proof of a body exceptional condition to normal and cure. The situation varies depending on the extent of reaction, the stronger the reaction, the more condition appear. If the following phenomenon occurs after use, please do not panic. The changes occurred called as healing crisis (also known as cure reaction, in Chinese medical it is called nausea) which usually disappears within a few days. Chinese medical believes that healing crisis is the symptomatic reaction is to determine the appropriate response, please continue using, or can be discontinue until the healing crisis disappear and continue again. Healing crisis occurs is due to the negative hydrogen ion reactive the cells; waken the inactive organs (for example, the role of the intestine activated, the cumulated stools peeling off and causing stomachache) or the pain due to the movement of toxins in the body (such as increasing phenomenon like neuropathic pain, acne, and eczema), the same reason just as rusted iron pipe, once the rust remover is added, there will be a lot of rust outflow and cleaned.

Mild condition healing crisis, there will be drowsiness, dry mouth, lazy, back pain, diarrhea, characteristics of cure reaction of diarrhea do not occur with abdominal pain, mild itching, fart (maybe even as much as dozens times in a day) and etc. Strong condition of healing crisis would be headache, swollen, dizziness, fever, eczema, joint pain, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, vomiting, and loss of appetite. If you discontinue consuming the product due to fear, it is wasted.

When healing crisis occurs, we should continue taking the product and drink plenty of the right water. Once the healing crisis disappears, it is the beginning of restoring to healthier body. Healing crisis usually appears in the first 3 to 7 days after use, this phenomenon will disappear after around 3 to 10 days. In any case it will not lead to deterioration. We should self-examine our health situation by the length of time of the reaction occurs. There are much examples of discontinuing the product due to interruption of friends and family around. Please be sure to adhere to the end, as not to lose the opportunity to restore to a healthier body.   


Four types of Healing Crisis

Retardation reaction

Reason : The body works even slower than normal speed, thus there is such reaction occurs after consumption in order to achieve the balance speed.

Phenomenon : Sleepy, Fatigue, Tiredness, Feel out of sorts

Allergic reaction

Reason : Acute disease turns into chronic disease, in order to operate in the body in stable speed, such as rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, arthritis. It will turn into chronic disease condition for a certain period and slowly recover.

Phenomenon : Constipation, Diarrhea, Ache, Swelling, Sweat

Excretion reaction

Reason : Liver determines the oxygen and nutrients needed by the human body; kidney eliminates excessive hydrogen and oxygen.

After product consumption, the effect of negative hydrogen ions eliminates directly through the skin. Those who affront this respond meaning that the body has detoxification effect, and that also for the body of acidic wastes, toxins, fatigue factors have been decomposed.

Acidic body consists of those meat eaters, food additives, instant or long-term medication is more likely to have this reaction. 

Phenomenon : Fart, Body rash, Skin changes, Urine color changes, Cough

Reversible reaction

Reason   : Those who have poor blood circulation, inner body bleeding and blood turbidity

Phenomenon : Fever, Ache, Hiccups, Stomachache, Fatigue


Frequent Ask Question

1. Is there any side effect to peoples with diabetic after consuming Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

Instead, it actually helps diabetics improving the diabetes conditions. Drinking the right water (biological water) will not cause any side effects, hydrogen is non-toxic, it is by-product is water. Mega H® and Crystal Energy® helps water penetration into our cells, improve blood circulation, increase the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, improve cell detoxification and even enhance the role of glucose metabolism and thus improve diabetes.

See and The Science behind Mega H® regarding of toxins product validation.


2. Why it causes edema after consume?

Mainly it may due to the liver and kidney was not function properly in controlling salinity, resulting in hydropsy and edema. Hydropsy also leads to weight gain.

Secondly, products with potassium, silica and negative hydrogen ion helps body to absorb more water, however lymphatic were unable to transport the excessive water back to the blood, to become urine. At this point, if the kidneys unable to drain off the excess urine, it will cause uric acid, edema and pain. That is why the urine is very smelly after consuming Crystal Energy® and Mega H®.

Thirdly, leaky gut causes excessive protein or fat goes into the lymphatic system, causing the lymphatic edema, and therefore weight increase.

Fourth, uric acid plus kidney and blood circulation problem causes joint swelling and then pains causes by nerve pressure.


3. Are there any effects after peoples with diabetes and high blood pressure consume Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

Usually diabetes and high blood pressure are having problems with vascular occlusion, thus effects after drinking the right water will certainly occur. Blood sugar and blood pressure may be raised or lowered.

To avoid these problems, recommended dosage is as below

1st week     : 1 capsule of Mega H® daily

2nd week    : 1 capsule of Mega H® in the morning and evening

3rd week    : 2 capsules of Mega H® in the morning

4th week    : 2 capsules of Mega H® in the morning and evening

Note :

Drink at least 8 glasses of Crystal Energy® added water each day

Be sure to measure blood pressure and blood sugar daily

If strong reactions occur in the first 1 or 2 days, such as accelerated heartbeat or dizziness, reduce the dosage of Mega H® into half and drink plenty of water.

Beware of stomach discomfort, there may be caused by excessive stomach acid.


4. Can cancer patients consume?

Cancer patients needs more negative hydrogen ions, at least 6 to 12 capsules daily, and also drink plenty of Crystal Energy® added water. Tumor can be remove, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but were the cancer cells and reactive oxygen species be ridded off? It is impossible; cancer patients need a lot of Mega H® and Crystal Energy® to scavenge reactive oxygen species and to solve the acidic constitution.

(Acidic hypoxia constitution prone to cancer – because cancer cells are anaerobic)


5. Can 3 years old children consume?

Children of 12 years old and above may consume 1 capsule a day, however 3 to 5 drops of Crystal Energy® is enough for 3 years old children. Unless they are sick, they may consume half of capsule, to be consumed twice. 4 times a day until recover.


6. Can Mega H® and Crystal Energy® help reduce weight?

Yes, coupled with balanced diet, adequate exercise and lifestyle may result weight loss.


7. Shall it be consumed before or after meal?

Either way is fine. But if you have gastric problem, it should be taken after meal. Crystal Energy® added water is particularly effective to gastric. Gastric medicine should be taken regularly and drink Crystal Energy® added water frequently, so that it stabilizes the stomach acid.


8. What about hiccups, abdominal pain and diarrhea after consumption?

This should lead to indigestion due to gastric hyperacidity and stomach or intestinal fermentation. Consumption of probiotic (Biogenesis) and Metazyme® with Mega H® and Crystal Energy® is encouraged to solve this problem.


9. Why our skin is itching, fester, acne or thyroid swelling after consume?

The product will not cause allergies.

Major cause is due to the cortical blood circulation blockage, as well as accumulation of heavy metals, toxins, excessive protein or oil, causing blood acidification. Vitamin C helps in cleaning hematic acid in blood. 

Skin is the body’s largest excretory organ. Therefore, skin needs to have perfect lymph and blood circulation systems to communicate with each other and with the active white blood cells in order to completely eliminate waste.

A week after consuming the product, the acceleration of the toxin scattered widely, penetrated lymph and blood, resulting in yet more active white blood cells to remove excessive toxins, proteins or fat in the cortical. Subsequently more white blood cells died.

These symptoms are due to bacterial infection, cortical blood flow not smooth and the failure of white blood cells to be sent to spleen and liver for filtration.


10. Can Mega H® and Crystal Energy® help in hepatocirrhosis?

Liver is initially a hydrogen storage organ, thus it needs hydrogen replenishment.

There have been positive improvements on some Hepatocirrhosis, Hepatitis B and liver cancer patients after consuming the product.


11. Why there’s ache all over the body after consuming Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

This is because the blood circulation accelerated, the uric acid and lactic acid increased caused the muscle swelling and soreness.


12. What is it made of Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

It is extracted from plants components, and then it undergoes the 33 steps of Microclusters® Technology to be made into the products.


13. Why it is thirty after consume?

It is because there’s debilitating heat in liver, excessive fat, intestinal toxins, fermentation and dysfunction bowel, so it needs plenty of water for detoxification.


14. Why there is tinnitus?

Drinking the right kind of water to increase excretion, there will be a lot of gases for the acidity constitution. Tinnitus happens when there are gases in between the ear and throat Eustachio tube. Please watch over the blood pressure.


15. I have my homemade enzymes; do I need to take Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

Yes. Mega H® and Crystal Energy® is still need as it helps absorption of other nutrients. Mega H® and Crystal Energy® replenish hydrogen, energy, water, muscles and bone.

Hydrogen is the cleanest carbon-free energy food for our cells; it will not cause blood acidification, however it helps improve cellular energy 5 times more. Most importantly is it having the restoring ability to help eliminate the set of oxidized cholesterol and fats in the blood vessel walls.


16. Can Mega H® and Crystal Energy® aids in hair loss and pigmentation problem?

It is particularly effective to hair loss problem and depigmentation; however the time fence is depending on the body constitution of an individual.


17. Why there is oral ulceration?

Debilitating heat in liver causes oral ulceration. Consume Mega H®, Crystal Energy® and also vitamin B and C in the meantime will be helpful.


18. What causes joint pain?

When there is uric acid crystal obstruction in joint, it caused hydrarthrosis, joint swelling, infiltration and oppressed the nerves around, therefore lead to joint pain. Drinking plenty of Crystal Energy® added water will help remove the uric acid crystal.


19. What will happen to uric acid after consuming Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

Joint will pain as uric acid is acidic. Thus plenty of alkaline water such as Crystal Energy® added water is needed to neutralize the acid.


20. Why would cough or chest stuffiness and even pain after consume?

Mainly it is due to poor blood circulation in lung. The products will penetrate more water in lung. When penetration encounter obstruction, it caused emphysema and tracheitis; therefore results in cough or chest stuffiness and even pain.

Secondly, hyperacidity, bile duct obstruction or respiratory not smooth can also lead to coughing or chest stuffiness and pain.


21. Should I stop consuming when blood sugar / blood pressure increased or reduced after consuming the products?

You can break off for a day or two, and then continue to consume.

However, there is no break off needed for Crystal Energy® added water, drink plenty of the Crystal Energy® added water instead.

Note :

Should your blood pressure rises, care about kidney dysfunction or blood vessel blockage? You need plenty of Crystal Energy® added water.

Should you break off Mega H® consumption for a day or two, begin to consume again with small amount (half capsules). If blood sugar is elevated, please consume 4 x Mega H® with GLUSOsential, Ca-Mg, Zinc and Vitamin C (1000mg), this will be particularly effective to lower the blood sugar.


Health Food Suggestion for Diabetic Patient


Health Food

Suggestion Dose


Live Well GLUCOsential



Calcium & Magnesium

2 morning / 2 night





Vitamin C (1000mg)

1 morning / 1 night


If the blood sugar is too low, please consume Mega H® after meal.

If the blood sugar or blood pressure has been reduced, do not decide to reduce or stop taking medication as blood sugar or blood pressure needs some time to stabilize. Please consult your doctor.


22. Silicon can cause kidney stones.

No. Blood acidity is the root to kidney stones.

Silicon in Mega H® and Crystal Energy® is organic silicon; it is water soluble silicon (241 isoform). This organic silicon is 2000 times smaller than red blood cells. It has high potential of interface, thus it will not deposit and become stone. It not only does not cause kidney stones, conversely it helps get rid of kidney stones. Silicon also help the body to eliminate heavy metals.


23. Can pregnant women consume Mega H® and Crystal Energy®?

Of course! Drinking the right kind of water (ie. alkaline biological water) helps accelerate the absorption of minerals and nutrients and there will be no side effects.

If you are worried, you can break off until postpartum.


24. Tiredness, fever, drowsiness, and dry mouth occurs after consume Mega H® and Crystal Energy®.

The main reason is because of liver disorders and 2.5 times acceleration of metabolic system.

Glucose metabolism supply 40% of energy, multiply by 2.5 times equals 100%. As a result, 100% - 40% or 60% of excessive energy erupted at the same time.

In this case, if the blood circulation is poor, it will cause debilitating heat in liver (also due to increased bicarbonate), the heat caused dry mouth, fatigue and drowsiness.