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Flantech Compensation Plan is a combination of Sponsoring Reward, 'Repeat Sales Bonus (RSB)', compressed '3-Multi Placement (3MP)' program and compressed 'Unilevel Building Bonus (UBB)' program. 

To rewards your effort upon sponsoring new members, you will enjoy the Performance Bonus.

The 'Repeat Sales Bonus (RSB)' is to reward the sponsors who guide and taking care of their downlines so that more successful entrepreneurs can be built.

The team work of 'Placement' will happen when the sponsors place a member under your '3MP' membership organization.

The compressed 'Unilevel Building Bonus (UBB)' program will form your very own network of family genealogy.


Compensation Plan consists of 4 lucrative money-making programs which enable you to earn the highest bonus rate from your personal and team results.


There are mainly 4 lucrative money-making programs being listed as below:

1. Performance Bonus

2. Repeat Sales Bonus (RSB)

3. 3-Multi Placement (3MP) Bonus

4. Unilevel Building Bonus (UBB)

    i. The Income Generator

    ii. The Building Bonus

    iii. Crown Generation Bonus

    iv. Double Crown Leadership Bonus 

    v. Personal Productivity Bonus


Flantech Compensation Plan operates on the '3S Principles' namely: Selling, Sponsoring & Servicing.


By Sponsoring, we are able to create a network of distributors whereby earning commissions from their sales. Every product is assigned with a Commission Value (CV). The monthly commission is based on the accumulation of Commission Values (CVs) in a calendar month.


There are 5 reasons why our Compressed Compensation Plan is so powerful.

1. No Group maintenance

2. Self-empowered income plan

3. Quickly gets into profits

4. Working smart with High Residual Income

5. Distinctive products that make your body works backed by Microcluster® Technology


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