About Us

A socially responsible corporation, Flantech Asia (568711-K) (AJL 931410), incorporated in Malaysia since 2003 with its Head Office at Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, is part of the Flantech Group of International Companies, in which world-renown American inventor, Dr. Patrick Flanagan has an active involvement.


We are industry-driven to promote proactive health under the rubric for wellness. Our route to that purpose is through our wellness solutions with the 'Trade-Secret Protected' Flanagan Microcluster®  Technology to restore & energize a healthy Biological Terrain(click for more). You will also find something of interest in other innovative products to be added to our range in very near future.


Our Compensation Plan is one of the best balanced, highest-leveraged and fairest you will ever likely to work with. It allows you to earn more money, in less time with fewer people... and everyone is paid fairly.


Whether you are a consumer seeking to maintain and improve your health or an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to tap into the burgeoning wellness industry, or both, Flantech Asia is distinctly positioned to provide an unparalleled opportunity to achieve your fondest dreams or goals.