Our human bodies are created to naturally crave a sense of well-being. In the Age of Intelligence today, where educated consumers take an urgent, proactive stance towards their health and well-being, this translates into ever-increasing wellness opportunities – in spite of the recent global economic turmoil.

Having positioned ourselves at the forefront of this industry, we are gratified to have successfully tapped into this industry by being the platform that helps to launch many healthy and wealthy Wellness Entrepreneurs.

The Flantech Wellness Entrepreneurship Program provides an all-round training to aspiring Wellness Entrepreneurs that includes personal development, business management and strategic planning modules.

At the Forefront to Tap On the 21st Century Home-Based Business Opportunity

Two key ingredients for success in life are Dreams and Excitement. You need to identify what you really want and what you are really enthusiastic about.


Excited about the unique benefits of the products

Excited about the 21st Century home-based business opportunity

Excited about Both, to be a healthier & wealthier entrepreneurs


What can get you there? You need a Vehicle.

Why choose Flantech as your vehicle?


Wellness Trend & Futuristic Products

Emerging & explosive growth wellness trend market potential – our distinctly positioned products to prevent disease, stay healthier and slow down the aging process

Proprietary Technology & Exclusivity

Proprietary products with Dr Patrick Flanagan’s Microcluster® Technology, scientifically validated and backed by the prestigious Peer Reviewed Published Papers to offer Members the EXCLUSIVITY for the marketing efforts.

Complementary Role & Unique

Consumable products with unique characteristic features (demonstrable, mass appeal, easy to sell and high repeat sales) to complement your diet and others supplements

Powerful & Fair Compensation Plan

Certified 4th Generation Business Systems Compensation Plan – transparent, superior balance & fair for all part-time or full-time professional network marketers.

The Right Timing

We are currently growing at a Momentum stage. Whether you are a consumer seeking to continue improving your health or an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity, we welcome you to join us at this opportune time to stay at the forefront to reap the great 21st Century Business Opportunity. The Flantech’s Opportunity is Real, the Timing is Right NOW!

You can earn More Money, in Less Time, with Fewer People