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Peer-Reviewed Published Papers

Journal of Medicinal Food – Vol 5, Issue no. 1, 2002.

Antioxidant Capability and Efficacy of Mega HTM Silica Hydride, an Antioxidant Dietary Supplement, by In Vitro Cellular Analysis Using Photosensitization and Fluorescence Detection

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy – Vol 28, Issue 11, 2003.

Synthesis of a Novel Anionichydride Organosiloxane Presenting Biochemical Properties

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy – Vol 29, Issue 5, 2004.

The non-toxic hydride energy source of biochemical and industrial venues: ORP and NAD reduction analyses

Journal of Medicinal Food – Vol 6, Issue 3, 2003.

Evaluation of Hydroxyl Radical-Scavenging Abilities of Silica Hydride, an Antioxidant Compound, by a Fe21-EDTA-Induced 2-Hydroxyterephthalate Fluorometric Analysis

Free Radical Biology and Medicine – Vol 35, Issue 9, 2003.

Antioxidant Capacity of Silica Hydride: A Combinational Photosensitization and Fluorescence Detection Assay

Journal of Medicinal Food – Vol 7, Issue 1, 2004

Differential Metabolic Effects on Mitochondria by Silica Hydride Using Capillary Electrophoresis


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