Mega H® - The Fuel of Life



The One-of-a-kind Biological Antioxidant on the Market


Mega H® contains plant-based organic silica minerals. These silica minerals, in return, contain an abundance of H-, making this supplement a very powerful antioxidant with strong anti-aging benefits – due to the loosely-bound extra electron carried by each of its molecule.

Low ORP reading (-580 millivolts) with just one capsule Mega H® in 200ml water. This shows that there are millions of electrons released from the negative hydrogen ions which are available as antioxidants and energy precursors.

MH with ORP Meter


Powerful antioxidant to scavenge free radicals

What sets Mega H® apart from other antioxidants is the fact that it returns to its natural Hydrogen state upon surrendering its extra electrons instead of becoming a free radical itself. It is the only known biological antioxidant that is able to achieve this. Scientifically-proven to be 800% more powerful than other antioxidants such as green tea, grape seed extracts and Vitamins A, C and E, Mega H® also controls and reverses oxidative free radical damage in our cells.

Controls and reverses cell damaged by oxidative free radicals

Many diseases and health problems have been attributed to a high level of free radicals in our body. Like a gang of thieves, they run through our body to steal electrons from healthy cells, damaging cellular and DNA structures to cause faster aging, cellular deterioration and diseases. Mega H® acts as an antidote to this by scavenging those free radicals i.e. donating its extra electrons to these free radicals and thus, neutralizing them.

Energize our cells with the Negative Hydrogen Ions (H-)

Increased energy levels due to the increased amounts of energy yielding compounds (i.e. ATP and NADH) produced with H-, a non-carbon energy source.

Improves blood circulation / increase oxygen uptake

Improve blood circulation for an increase of oxygen uptake. H- transfers electrons directly causing the blood cells to separate in suspension, thus increasing the surface area and blood flow to enhance toxin removal as well as the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

Increases electrical conductivity for proper cellular communications

A natural hydrator, it improves both extracellular and intracellular hydration. This favor electrical conductivity in bodily fluids, this in turn facilities cell-to-cell communication to deliver the protection and regulation the body needs for wellness.

Reduces lactic acid

Faster athletic recovery, Mega H® helps to reduce the production of lactic acid during strenuous physical exercise. Lactic acid buildup causes discomfort, stiffness and pain.



Negative Hydrogen ions Benefit Life

Negatively ionized hydrogen is very good and it will not hydrogenate oils. If you take oil, a lipid, like flaxseed oil and hydrogenate it, there are little places on the molecule where hydrogen can attach itself and it turns the oil into a more stable molecule because oxygen can also get into those places and oxidize and cause rancidity. Hydrogenated oils are solid fats; they are not natural and can actually clog up the arteries and be very harmful to the body.

Cholesterol is the major source of plaque in arteries, but cholesterol is also the source of all of the hormones in our bodies. Good cholesterol is cholesterol which has electrons and bad cholesterol is cholesterol which has lost its electrons and is oxidized. The plaque that forms in the arteries is oxidized cholesterol. So if you provide enough electrons you can turn the bad cholesterol in your arteries back into good cholesterol and the plaque back into good cholesterol.

Did You Know This?


One capsule has the antioxidant power and electron availability of 10,000 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.


Daily consumption of Crystal Energy® treated water and Mega H® can create the life force within you and you will flourish with boundless energy, bountiful health and brilliant youth.

Excerpted from Consumer health (Canada), Volume 24, 2001


Negative Hydrogen Wins Recognition

In paper presented before the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in December 1997, Dr Patrick Flanagan announced the development of his latest dietary invention, Mega H® - the supplement with nano-sized silica hydride saturated with negatively charged hydrogen ions. This hydrogen ions based nutrient was shown to increase cellular hydration, cellular energy and reduce oxidative stress. He explained that the benefit of Mega H® on the body systems is due to the release of abundant electrons in the form of negative hydrogen (H). In the past the scientific community disputed the existence of negative hydrogen; Dr Flanagan presented his results of laboratory tests together with university studies which established the presence of negative hydrogen by scientific measurement for the FIRST TIME.


Negative Hydrogen can Support Wellness

Everybody knows that the body needs oxygen in order to live. What many do not know is that we need negatively charged hydrogen ions as much as we need oxygen for the body’s biological processes.

We must breathe to get oxygen, must eat and drink to get hydrogen ions. It is hydrogen that protects our cells from oxidative free radical damage and provides energy to the cells when it is burned by oxygen. Hydrogen is the other half of the equation, the final messenger in the living system.

Today the availability of negative hydrogen ions in foods and supplements is becoming an important consideration in molecular nutrition.

In the absence of an adequate supply of negative hydrogen ions, intracellular function, intercellular communication and energy production are inhibited. As a result, toxin and free radicals accumulate and health deteriorates.


The Story of Mega H®

Dr Patrick Flanagan discovered that Mega H® has the regular electron and it has got another electron that is in the 1s prime orbital, and this is the electron that gives life.  This electron is used in every chemical reaction in the living system. So, we developed a technique to use the minerals in our Crystal Energy® to store hydrogen in quantities that are so great that when using the Nernst equation to measure the number of electrons, one capsule of Mega H® contains the same number of electrons as you would find in 10,000 glasses of fresh, organic orange juice. It is loaded with negative ionized hydrogen. Dr Patrick was able to discover how to trap the hydrogen ions in the silica spheres so that they can be time-released when added to water. Most of us are very deficient in negative ionized hydrogen. The only people who aren’t deficient in hydrogen are those who eat pure raw food, organic diets with no cooked food or processed food and they live way out in the countryside where there is no pollution. If we are pure raw organic food and drank lots of fresh organic juices, we wouldn’t need a hydrogen supplement.

When you add Mega H® to water, the water will stay at maximum potency for about 12 hours and then it starts decreasing over time. Water tends to like a five-sided structure, pentagonal structure or hexagonal structure that looks like soccer balls. These little tiny bucky ball type spheres hold the hydrogen ions internally and that is how these negative hydrogen ions exist for even years in water as long as it is in a dark place. Light causes that structure to disassemble and causes the release of the ion. If you put the water in a sealed bottle in a dark cover it will last six months to a year without dressing potency. But when Mega H® is in powder form, the hydrogen ions are trapped in the centre of the silica cages. Silica has the same type of structure as water, a tetrahedron. The silica forms ‘bucky balls’ which can be many different shapes; it is a perfect vacuum and is perfectly stable in there and it lasts indefinitely until it is hydrated, until you add it to water, whether that water is in your body or in a glass of water. When you take it, the hydrogen ions are released slowly into the body and then used by the body.

Mega H® is not a drug; it is a nutrient. Hydrogen is found naturally in all living things and so it is at most called a nutraceutical which means a nutritional product that provides elements that affect the function of the body in different ways. We need lots of electrons to neutralize free radicals and every enzyme reaction in the human body uses negative ionized hydrogen which has a free electron. If you eat only processed and cooked foods, the only way you can get hydrogen is from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, which only give enough energy to run the body at a minimal level. But it is not enough to take care of free radical damage.

When people take Mega H®, even within 20 minutes of first taking it, they feel an increase in energy. Their vision gets sharper and colours get brighter. They have an increase in NADH. NADH, by the way, it a co-factor enzyme that is found in the body that releases negative ionized hydrogen and it is NADH that goes into the mitochondria releasing the hydrogen to make ATP which is the fuel that actually runs our bodies. NADH is one of the most important materials in our body for energy.

We had to run toxicity studies on Mega H® for the government. In our research, mice were given the equivalent of 5,000 mg per kg body weight of Mega H®, which is equal to a human taking 180 bottles a day. One hundred percent of the mice lived. They were partying. So, it is not toxic. It is good for the cells. We have over a dozen different studies at major universities and independent laboratories showing its beneficial effects upon the body.

Taking Mega H® is really no different than eating a pure raw food diet, because you are adding the missing ingredients in your diet. It is not contraindicated for any drug or prescription. It even works along with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immune suppressors.