Crystal Energy® for Wetter Water®


To meet your need for the right kind of water for health and longevity, Crystal Energy®, the Flanagan Microcluster® concentrate is the answer.

With Crystal Energy®, the water we consume becomes Wetter Water® - penetrating our cells to hydrate it better, increasing the rate of nutrient absorption and waste elimination at the same time.

Suggested use:

Add 40 drops per 1 liter of pure water or use 10 drops per glass (200ml) of water


Just one drop of this Microculster® concentrate will supply about 20 million of Flanagan silica Microcluster®. The silica cages expand and contract in size, reducing the surface tension of our drinking water immediately upon dilution. This way, our regular drinking water is transformed into Wetter Water®, a proprietary term used to describe the Crystal Energy® - treated water that has taken on the characteristics of the biological water surrounding our cells.

At the surface tension of 45 dynes/cm (as opposed to 73 dynes/cm in regular drinking water), the Wetter Water® rehydrates our cells at the cellular level, making sure that our body receives the amount of fluid it needs.


Purified waters and Crystal Energy® Concentrate

(silicon dioxide, magnesium chloride* and magnesium sulfate)

*Contains less than 2% RDA of Magnesium per serving

 Not only that, the Silica Microcluster®; also alters the structure of our drinking water. The structure of the Silica Mircocluster®; is such that it helps to capture toxins for removal, while nutrient absorption is increased.

By altering the structure of our drinking water and lowering its surface tension, Crystal Energy®, thus, helps to replicate the attributes of Hunza Water in our drinking water so that we can enjoy the same health and longevity benefits as the Hunza people.

In addition, it also increases the zeta potential (negative electrical charge) of our blood cells and acts as a natural pH buffer for an overall wellness, as the internal environment of our body needs to maintain a slightly alkaline state to be in optimal health.

With its ability to replicate the attributes of the Hunza Water, Crystal Energy®; becomes an essential nutrient for anti-aging, wellness and longevity.


Catalytic Wetter Water® Concentrate



Crystal Energy® supplies Notably Special Silica


Electron Micrograph of Flanagan Microcluster® Silica
  • It is the shape of many, small spheres clustered together
  • Silica spheres are so tiny, about 50 Angstroms in diameter
  • Cage-like silica spheres expand and contract based on the pH of surrounding fluid
  • Silica spheres act like little breathing clusters that trap heavy metals and pull them out of the body safely


A Major Discovery in Longevity Research


Crystal Energy® - Catalytic Wetter Water® Concentrate