General FAQs




How to become a Flantech Member?

To become a Flantech Member, simply click on this link to register.


I do not have a sponsoring upline and I do not know anyone.

Kindly fill in the Find an Upline form and we will allocate a sponsor to contact you and provide you advice, support and product information to help you.


How to order online thru Flantech Asia website?

i.    Login to the member secured website using your Member ID & pin

ii.    After you have successfully login, click on ‘Buy Product’

iii.    There are 2 categories of product

a.    Nutritional Product

b.   Personal Care

iv.    Enter the quantity beside the product you would like to purchase

v.    Click on ‘My Cart’ to view your shopping cart

vi.  To change the product quantity, kindly change the number at the ‘Qty’ column and click ‘Update Cart’

vii.  Click on ‘Checkout’ to view your confirm our payment and shipping details

viii.Update your shipping details where necessary and proceed to payment

ix.   Select and fill in the payment details & click on the ‘Submit’ button

x.    Print out the order confirmed page for your record if necessary

xi.   Your order will be received within 7 working days.


Can I have the delivery service for free?

Yes. Free Delivery Service is available for your convenience with the conditions as below


Sabah / Sarawak

Minimum purchase per destination


Special FREE Delivery

Peninsular Malaysia

200 CV

Privileged Membership

200 CV

300 CV

Membership Registration with Sales Kit

0 CV